This Blog is meant to journal the combined experiences of the persons involved in the Sasha Project. Its objective is to strengthen the ties between families, students (several of us teach), friends, and the growing number of persons who want to be part of the JOY which this Sasha Journey is spreading.

In 2004, I (Tina) traveled to Russia to assist with the adoption of my two nephews. Alexander (Sasha) was our interpreter, driver, and so much more. I have kept in touch with him and it has been my dream to let him experience first-hand the typical U.S. life (versus merely his impressions from American TV, movies and music). My initially modest idea blossomed to include eleven other adoptive families who also want to host Sasha and thank him for helping to make their dreams come true.

It will be fun as well as educational for all of us to share Sasha's observations and impressions of his daily travels as this Journey unfolds. There is an intricately choreographed daily itinerary which will take us to visit the Space Shuttle, Golden Gate bridge, Route 66, a Home Depot and other American icons through Sasha's eyes. The flight to L.A. is scheduled to leave Moscow on Saturday, June 15th to begin his six week visit.
It seems incredible, but the interviewing U.S. Immigrations officer denied Sasha a Tourist visa. He did not see the value in Sasha's trip or understand the desire for the adopting families and children to reunite with Sasha. The officer decided that Sasha was too poor to be allowed even a brief visit to the U.S.


Saturday, June 22, 2013


Happy Doc
Today we had tickets to see the Space Shuttle Endeavor and the iMAX 3D Hubble Telescope movie with Sasha.  That would have been a memorable activity for him to write about to his students.  Then he was to move on and stay with Host Family #2

Since we already had the tickets, and neither Doc nor I had been to the exhibit, we decided to go anyhow.  As we drove down there, I asked the Angels for an appropriate person to use the extra ticket.  I couldn’t figure out how that would occur since most visitors attend along with several other persons. A single 10:15 a.m. shuttle tour with 12:30 iMAX show ticket was not likely to be easily matched up exactly with some other families’ plans.

Doc and I arrived early.  The ticket booth was not yet open. There was a nice looking guy standing around patiently waiting.  I asked him if he was needing a ticket?  He cautiously answered yes.  I asked him if he was alone and needing only one ticket?  He probably was a little unsure of my intentions at that point.  He confirmed he needed just one ticket.  I said, “Well if you are interested in a 10:15 tour with the 12:30 movie, this ticket is yours!”  He looked perplexed.  I told him we had a third person in our group who was unable to make it today.  He thanked me and offered to pay for the ticket.  I replied, “Pay It Forward. And when you do -- say it is for Sasha”.  Then I turned to walk away.

Since there were still 30 minutes until the museum opened, I turned back and introduced myself to Terry. Then I told him more about Sasha as well as the Project.  I asked Terry to enjoy his day on behalf of Sasha.  We saw Terry two other times throughout the day as we were touring. He said he was very much enjoying the shuttle exhibit.

Merging of Galaxies
The 3D iMAX Movie on the Hubble Telescope was breathtaking.  The numbers of galaxies and the distances (in light years) of the various new discoveries were mind boggling!  There were views of the Earth in the background as the astronauts were conducting Hubble repairs and upgrades.  At one point I almost laughed in thinking about our man-made “borders” and the way we think about other countries and cultures.  How very petty it all seems.  Sasha’s denied visa, our everyday activities (some which we consider crises), romantic affairs, financial affairs, and international affairs seem absolutely trivial when seen through the vastness of space.


  1. I had a 10-hour homecare shift yesterday and we watched a movie. Guess which one? "Pay It Forward!" Now why did I order that particular movie for her earlier in the week? Go Angels, go!

  2. Sasha's already part of your life and story, so now Terry is the newest recipient of a Tina Treasure. I hope he spreads the word about what you do and stays in touch. I'm sure he was very happy today.

    I like the fact you have kept the intro paragraphs to this blogsite as written originally; like everything is going according to plan. It is unfortunate that one person had the ability to wipe out all the wonderful plans which so many people had for Sasha.


Thanks for being part of this Adventure.